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Low Representation of Minorities in Film - #RaceForChange

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T.V. shows and movies have been developing by including people of all races. "Only 17 of the top movies that year featured non-white lead or co-lead actors." states PBS Newshour; roughly three quarters of the film actors were white in 2014. Casting directors and Producers in Hollywood do not think about the minority. The minority group should be proudly presented, not only in historic fact but as main characters. Representation and no stereotypes will bring more attention to the real reason of the film, the person's personality and not their background.

In the article called “Out of 30,000 Hollywood film characters, here’s how many weren’t white” researchers at USC studied the 700 top-grossing films from 2007 to 2014, excluding 2011, and analyzed the race and ethnicity of more than 30,000 characters to reveal diversity in film.  Across TV and film, the low representation of non-white characters falls mostly on Hispanics. Among more than 10,000 characters whose race could be identified, proportions of white, black and Asian characters came close to U.S. population figures. Hispanics were just 5.8 percent of characters, despite being about 17 percent of the U.S. population, according to Census Bureau data. The solution that they came up with is drawing up lists of potential hires for writing and directing jobs that would be 50 percent female and 38 percent people of color.

Here are some examples of films. Aliens in America is a movie about an Indian who is introduced to his new family. Like we said before, when movies do include minority characters, stereotypes are at sky high rates. At some point in the movie the Indian muslim praises to his God Allah and has the Southern accent when he finally sees his family. Raja is accused of being guilty because of his people destroying the buildings in New York. COPS is a T.V. show about arresting suspects of breaking the law. Many episodes portray blacks with a lot of stereotypes such as, being defined as criminals. The Last Airbender is a movie about a character named Aang who is the last airbender. This movie is mostly about Asian and Native American ancestry. The 3 main characters play the roles of Asians and Native Americans. They are all white with no Asian or Native American ancestry.

Casting Directors, Producers, and many people involved in the production of these films may disagree with our claim. They may bring up that the representation of minorities has increased over the years and they aren't discriminating against minorities because they are still in films. However, the only major impact is in TV shows such as How to Get Away With Murder, Fresh Off the Boat, and Jane the Virgin. Many of the shows highly recognized today due to their diversity have stereotypes of those diverse races.

But the problem is not just on screen. When looking for someone that we thought would help our argument, we looked up casting directors, movie producers, and directors and found that a majority of them were Caucasian males who still hold power to choose those who are represented in films. We love the movies that many of them took part in, but felt disappointed to see the lack of diversity. Support us in the #RaceForChange to increase the amount of ethnic minorities in the production of films and TV shows. “We will see greater diversity on-screen when we see greater diversity behind the scenes.” —Martha Lauzen


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