Demand West Sussex County Council Abandons Planned Cuts to Horsham's Homeless Budget

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These proposed cuts will have a devastating impact on the funding of homeless work undertaken across Horsham District and must be stopped!

West Sussex County Council has announced that from next year they plan to cut their entire Housing Related Support budget, a decision which is likely to mean the closure of every homeless shelter in West Sussex and the loss of support for many vulnerable and elderly residents at home.

The Impact  across Horsham would include; massive cuts in funding to Worthing Churches Homelessness Projects who support much of the homeless work undertaken across our district, cuts in funding towards the YMCA in Horsham Town Centre and to projects undertaken by Saxon Weald

This decision will deprive the most desperate members of our society of somewhere safe to go, it is a deeply immoral act and in time the affects will be felt by the whole community.
Just two weeks ago, the Government re-announced their manifesto commitment to end rough sleeping by 2027, yet we now we see the county council attempting to rush through under the radar a decision which is set to make the problem far worse.
This petition demands that West Sussex County Council rejects the proposed cuts to Housing Related Support, which will cause untold misery for the most vulnerable members of our society, and instead maintains this vital support for our local homeless.

Please sign and share this petition with friends and family. It is part of a county wide campaign to force the Conservative Administration at County Hall to withdraw this immoral proposal. 

David Hide Chair Horsham Labour Party