XE-R (Atari 800XE/XL compatible motherboard)

XE-R (Atari 800XE/XL compatible motherboard)

November 22, 2016
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Started by Matej Hudak

ATARI XE RENEW motherboard (aka Atari XE-R):

My dream is to have 65XE/130XE/800XE eci motherboard but with brand new PCB and some brand new parts:

  • - Original 65c02 (Or maybe latter with Rapidus 65c816???)
  • VBXE 2.x
  • Stereo Final Pokey Upgrade (or TK-2 stereo with PS/2 keyboard)
  • Ultimate 1MB (with SpartaDOS+QMEG) or maybe Antonia 4MB upgrade
  • Build in internal SIDE - compact flash interface (works as internal HDD/SSD)
  • DVI video out
  • 2x golden cich audio out
  • Build in SDrive or Sio2SD?
  • Build in SONARI (opl3+AY) soundcard or SoundBoard? + COVOX (FM+Pokey and AY PSG+SAMPLES)
  • PCI like internal large cartridge interface
  • white PCB
  • 1x led Power 1x led SD loading 1x led playing stereo

New parts+old parts together. 

How should it works?

You will pay and send your old: 800XE,65XE,130XE motherboard to RENEW company or team. And recieve Atari XE-R motherboard from them.

This XE-R will create brand new standard (like AMIGA 500plus or MSX2+ was) so everyone will have same specs. So higly optimized amazing games, demos or apps will be working on everyones ATARI XE-R.

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This petition had 22 supporters

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