Stop negativity at Strathern Elementary

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It’s sad and unfortunate that in today’s society we think it is ok to attack and single out people when the personal agenda of disgruntled adults is not met. This is especially true in the setting of our public school system and more importantly what is occurring at STRATHERN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in North Hollywood. The personal attacks on Principal Diaz and the petition on this site advocating for her removal are very disturbing and upsetting. 

Its shameful that the main parent who is organizing a petition to remove the principal and has made it her mission to publicly humiliate her reputation by doing so DOES NOT EVEN LIVE IN THE SCHOOL BOUNDARY. She is on permit, a permit which must be signed by the district with the approval of the school principal. If this parent were so upset and was truly concerned about the safety of her kids why not pull them out and return to her home school. In addition to not living in the area she has also been dismissed from the school PTA because of her unprofessional and rude manners towards others in the association. Furthermore, she is being used as a pawn by a small group of disgruntled teachers and employees to further their own agenda. 

The question is being asked, is it professional of teachers to give their opinion to children and influence their young minds on issues not pertaining to their direct education? There are teachers at this school be it for what ever reason are doing this. For example some are making personal phone calls to parents asking them to sign a petition to remove the principal, telling students the principal is mean. Even worse the principal was not at school one day and some teachers said she was jailed for her actions. Now is this the type of environment one should send their child into?

Principal Diaz is doing her job within the guidelines set fourth by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Some teachers are upset because she has a system in place to denote when teachers are late for work. But why you may ask, well would you like your child missing instruction or waiting in line on the black top while the teacher comes in late with their warm cup of coffee. As a parent you get your child ready in the morning and even the night before. All in an effort to get your child to school on time and ready to learn. Some teachers are upset because they can no longer conduct private and unauthorized fundraisers held on campus in which they keep the money in their desk for personal purchases. Yet tell the parents it’s for paper, pens and other school essentials. However, LAUSD has a warehouse which provides all essential items for instruction. Which Strathern Elementary has plenty of due to the principal’sability to manage a budget. Some teachers are upset that the principal and administration come into their classroom unannounced. But wouldn’t you want someone to check up on your child and see the environment they are learning in? Most child care centers have cameras in them that watch the classroom and where parents with an internet connection can log into and check up on their child. How do you give a yearly evaluation like any employer does if you never see what the employee is doing. The principle has caught teachers asleep, on their personal phone, children playing with toys or watching movies. When critical instruction should be going on. 

In closing by signing this petition your making your voice herd for what is right. For LAUSD to stop negative adults which use a school ground as their soap box. There will always be employees who do not favor the working conditions they have. But as adults just because you do not get your way does not mean you have to attack the one person who is only doing their job for which they were placed to do. The personal attacks on Principal Diaz must stop. The use of the media to attract attention for your one sided gripe is shameful. Above all the tactics this small negative group is using are having an adverse effect on innocent children. 

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