Save Richard and Dion Neutra's Chuey House (1956) and Connell House (1958) from demolition

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Too many important Neutra buildings have been lost in our recent past, such as the Von Sternberg House destroyed in 1972 or the Gettysburg Cyclorama Center demolished in 2013. At this very moment, the Chuey House at Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles (1956) and the Connell House at Monterey County (1958) are currently risking the same fate.

Campaigning against it should concerns us all for ethical reasons regarding our common cultural grounds, as well for the specific relevancy of Neutra’s contribution for the technological and cultural development of Modern Architecture and more generally to his intellectual legacy embedded in our built environment.

Neutra is indubitably one the most prominent authors of 20th century Architecture. These houses are important World Architectural Heritage treasures and should be preserved, as they remain the sole means to physically understanding Neutra’s thoughts in architecture and its materiality.

Therefore, we call for a revision of the processes, and for the immediate listing of these buildings in order to prevent the constant impoverishment of the world we all wish to live in.