Eliminate the Spraying of Roundup in the City of Los Angeles

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Glyphosate, the chemical in Roundup was determined to be a carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2017, and the state of California is now requiring labeling on products containing glyphosate to contain a warning. This chemical is deadly to humans, animals, butterflies and bees.Yesterday, March 29th, the residents of Encino, a city in Los Angeles found out that the Parks and Recreation department received the green light to spray weeds and weed areas around Balboa Park with Roundup instead of hiring a labor force to remove them. One of the residents witnessed this poison being sprayed fairly close to their house. Their excuse was the labor cost, but we have seen time and time again cities hiring prison inmates to perform various labor duties which can easily be implemented in this situation. In addition they were supposedly given the green light from the EPA, which we all know has relaxed almost every protection for Americans and given the green light to other deadly herbicides and pesticides such as chlorpyrifos. This agency, under the current administration, is no longer about protecting consumers, but rather to allow these criminal companies to profit off of the disease and chronic ailments that occur as a result of its misguided decisions. Some chronic diseases today, especially cancer and autoimmune are at epidemic levels, thanks to the decisions made by ignorant and paid-off individuals in various branches of the government, obviously voted in or appointed to serve people. This madness has got to stop, and it is only through the collaborative efforts of consumers to force such madness to cease and desist.

There are alternatives to using this deadly herbicide...it is called use the prison population or pay the homeless to clear the weeks for the mandate from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Wow what a concept!