Don’t let LAWA inconvenience the public and scapegoat taxi drivers!

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Whatever can be said about congestion at the LAX, one thing is absolutely certain; taxicabs had no part whatsoever in creating this problem.  In fact, cabs make up less than 4% of traffic and their numbers have fallen by 35% from their peak in 2015. 

On the other hand, the largest increase in vehicles entering the airport occurred in 2016 when Uber and Lyft were allowed to legally operate there and they now account for more than half of traffic on departure level.  Also, implicit in LAWA’s announcement and restructuring plan, is the acknowledgement that the large buses and shuttles are the other biggest impediment to the vehicle flow inside Central Terminal Area.

Because of the competitor’s predatory business practices and high regulatory burden, taxi drivers have been struggling for years and now rely for 60%-70% of their income on LAX trips.  The loss of curbside airport pickups could have devastating effect on the whole industry and their vulnerable, unbanked, cellphoneless and mobility challenged customers. 

Allowing taxi stands to remain at the airport curb will give travelers a much-needed choice, relied on and valued for safe, on-demand, ADA compliant transportation capable of dynamically adjusting the supply of vehicles based on passenger demand.  None of the busiest airports in the country, even those undergoing major construction, have eliminated curbside taxi service.

Additionally, re-positioning the 30 new LAXit shuttle buses to the upper level and leaving taxi stands inside CTA will improve traffic flow on both levels, will give Uber and Lyft vehicles more space to service their passengers and reduce congestion, benefiting all airport visitors.

If you agree with us and want to be able to maintain this valuable resource and curbside service at LAX, please sign this petition and share it with your friends and neighbors!!!