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Stop the "Second Final Draft Mural Ordinance" as is from passing.

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  We are asking for the Los Angeles City Council and the City Planning Department to support the Los Angeles Artist Community, Community leaders, Activist, Educators and Residents of our great City of Los Angeles in "NOT" passing the "Second Final Draft Mural Ordinance" without the proper changes made through the recommendations of the artist community.

   Los Angeles was once known as the mural capital of the world. Where our city streets became vast landscapes of color, dreams and pride. Streets became Galleries open to all Angelinos and those that came from far and near to embrace our rich and vivid Histories, Cultures, Hopes and Dreams of our communities in Los Angeles and beyond.
If this current mural ordinance passes, it will compromise the more than 50-year-old Los Angeles mural painting tradition. Not only that but, this will also create a greater bureaucracy and create great limitation upon artist and the mural painting process. Inherently stopping the creation of New Murals in some circumstances and many communities throughout L.A. , thus this current ordinance is not only bad for the Artists, but for the communities of Los Angeles as well. We strongly urge the city’s public art, artist community, Community leaders, Activists and educators to support our position on this matter.

  Specifically, the United Painters and Public Artists recommendations as of the following modifications made to the mural ordinance draft released June 28, 2012 and currently under review by the City Planning Commission.

Our Recommendations:
1. We recommend that property owners be unrestricted from painting
murals on their property, and that the restriction on painting murals on
residential buildings with 5 units or less be removed.
2. The designation of ‘Vintage Mural”, has to be re-incorporated into the ordinance text.

3. We recommend the protection of hand painted and hand crafted murals
in compliance with VARA and CAPA. This requires modification of the
definition of “Original Art Mural” to exclude digitally printed media, which
is not protected by VARA or CAPA.

4 We recommend that the schedule of fees be modified to a true sliding
scale based on the amount of the commission. Pro-bono murals should be
exempt from permit fees.

5. We recommend that the 100-foot height restriction be removed. Size
of a mural should only be limited to the size of a building.

6. We recommend the removal of the unlawful allowance for new property
owners to deregister murals upon purchase of a building. This is a violation
of the federal Visual Artists Rights Act.

7. We recommend clarification of the language “No new Original Art
Mural for compensation…” which is designed to prevent building owners from
being paid to display a mural, but can be misinterpreted as prohibiting
artists from being paid for their work.

We again ask for your support the ” Second Final Draft Mural Ordinance” should not pass without the previous recommendations. Together we hope to create an ordinance that will protect and celebrate public art in our urban communities, as well as prevent any future ban on murals and public art. The next generations of Angelinos and Artists are depending on us to regain our title as Mural Capital of the World! We thank you for your consideration of the above recommendations, and for your
dedication to bring about the new renaissance of public art in Los Angeles.
Thank you,

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