Implement a plastic bag fee in Los Alamos County

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We petition the Los Alamos County Council to institute legislation implementing a fee on single-use plastic bags, in order to reduce their use and promote a more sustainable community.

Over one million plastic bags are used per minute. Plastic bags are cheap and convenient to use, but there are a number of negative externalities that occur as a result of their use that people tend to ignore. Single use plastic bags are rarely recycled, and because they are so light, they often become escape the waste stream as litter before ever making it to the landfill. Not only are these vagabond plastic bags an eyesore, but they can also harm local wildlife when they are ingested. Furthermore, the majority of plastic bags do not easily biodegrade - they persist in the environment for hundreds of years (even in landfills!), slowly breaking down into smaller and smaller particles of plastic, which contaminate the environment with persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic chemicals. The only way to avoid all of plastic’s detrimental effects is to stop using it - and kicking the plastic bag habit is a great first step.

Los Alamos is a beautiful place to live. Its residents pride themselves on their innovation and beautiful surroundings. Legislation promoting sustainable shopping habits aligns perfectly with these values, as well as with the county’s goals to “[reduce] consumption, [minimize] waste and ... restore and protect land, water, air and other natural resources.”

Ireland reduced plastic bag consumption by 90% between 2001 and 2011 by instituting a plastic bag fee, a number of countries have banned the use of plastic bags altogether, and the there are 113 different anti-bag regulations across the United States alone. It is time for Los Alamos to take example from these different locations and cut down on it’s negative effects on the environment.

Please sign this petition and help protect the environment for future generations, and make Los Alamos a clean and shining example of environmental stewardship.


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