Hobart City Council: cancel Dark MOFO 150.Action slaughter of bull for "art".

Internationally acclaimed arts and culture festival Dark MOFO has announced the inclusion of controversial artist Hermann Nitsch in their event schedule. Nitsch is best known for his works utilising the carcasses, blood and entrails of slaughtered animals. 

150.Action, the intended piece, is of the same vein. We are aware that a bull will be slaughtered specifically for usage in this bloody performance piece. 

We are opposed to this event, which trivialises the slaughter of animals for human usage, and condemns a sentient being to death in the pursuit of artistic endeavours. 

We request that the Hobart City Council intervene in this matter. Should this event be permitted to occur it will reflect badly on the core values and image this city strives to uphold. 

Thank you.

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  • Lord Mayor Sue Hickey
  • lord.mayor@hobartcity.com.au

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