Remove NYS Parole Board Member Married To A Murderer

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In 2017 NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Tana Agostini, 51, a staffer who worked overseeing the prison system, who met and fell in love with convicted murderer Thomas O'Sullivan. She used her position as a staffer and lobbied the parole board chair, Bob Dennison, to write a letter backing her lover's bid for freedom-an abuse of her job AS a staff member!!!

Her murdering lover was released in 2013, Cuomo, undeterred by her abuse of her position, actually appointed her AS a parole board member. We the undersigned demand Cuomo remove her immediately and convene a committee to look into this blatant abuse by board member Dennison, who allowed his position to be tainted by favoritism towards a friend and fellow staffer, Agostini-who clearly committed ethics violations and an entire review of the corrections department and parole board to see how far these ethical violations and corruption go.

In addition to signing please share far and wide across the country, it is no secret Cuomo plans to run for president, if he is doing this in NY it's only a matter of time before your state will release murderers with no regard for the victim's families.

Please write Governor Cuomo, you can email your displeasure right from his website, ( see links below ) also be sure and write assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell, who said "he's (murderer O'Sullivan) a soft-spoken, gentle, easygoing guy."  Mr. O'Donnell led the corrections committee and visited the prisons with Agostini when she was a staffer.

O'Donnell further said "I don't know a single person who doesn't like him" and gave the murderer a job working for the assembly as maintenance.

Something tells me Rosie O'Donnell's less famous brother Daniel didn't ask any of O'Sullivan's victim's family members if they thought he was such a great guy.

We the undersigned are OUTRAGED and DEMAND ACTION TODAY!!!'Donnell/contact/