Bring a No Kill Shelter Program to Long Beach, CA

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Growing up in Long Beach, California, I was always aware of the overcrowded animal shelters and staggering numbers of animals being put down each year. After moving to Austin, Texas for school, I learned of a program called Austin Pets Alive (APA) which strives to provide sheltered animals with medications and homes. In addition to APA, the Austin City Council unanimously passed a No Kill Implementation Plan in 2010 which included mandating that shelters must maintain over a 90% live out come rate for sheltered animals. Today, under a thousand animals a year are euthanized and euthanasia is specifically reserved for the critically injured or ill. While Long Beach has been making significant progress in reducing animals euthanized (the survival rate for sheltered animals has increased well over 30 percent in the past 6 years), thousands of healthy animals are still put down every year. I propose that the Long Beach City Council examines the issue the city is facing with animal euthanization and considers taking actions like the city of Austin did.