Stop the proposed LTC bus route through Old North

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The London Transit Commission is proposing changes to bus Route 1 which will result in a new high frequency bus service running through the heart of Old North.

Under the proposed Route 1, the bus will run on Regent Street between Maitland and Colborne Streets and on Colborne Street between Regent Street and Dufferin Avenue.

Route 1 is being moved off of Richmond Street to accommodate the Bus Rapid Transit Project. While the BRT may never go ahead, the residents of Old North will be stuck with the consequences of this change.

This proposal will turn Old North into a traffic artery for commuters and negatively impact the character of this quiet, residential neighborhood.

From Monday to Saturday, bus service will begin just after 6 a.m. and continue until nearly midnight. On Sunday, service will begin before 9 a.m. and run until nearly 11 p.m.

Based on the current Route 1 schedule and projected bus headways, this proposal will result in buses passing homes approximately 100 times per day with a peak frequency of 8 buses per hour during key commuting times.

We the undersigned oppose the proposed changes to Route 1 for the following reasons:

  • Safety concern for children crossing the bus route at Colborne to get to Ryerson, St. Georges and St. Michael elementary schools
  • Environmental impacts including noise, light, litter and air pollution from increased vehicle traffic, frequent bus traffic and bus stops
  • Increased traffic and traffic flow issues in Old North resulting from the neighborhood being used as a shortcut to downtown
  • Increased risk of collisions between vehicles, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians
  • Reduced enjoyment of active pursuits in our community including cycling, jogging, walking
  • A significant decrease in property values for homes on the bus route, which some studies have estimated at 10% or more
  • Reduced street parking
  • Safety issue at the intersection of Regent Street and Colborne Street, where broader curbs were installed as a traffic calming measure. This intersection will be difficult for a bus to navigate, particularly in winter and will result in delays, damage to curbs and accidents
  • Setting a precedent for additional bus routes through other parts of the neighbourhood
  • Impact on desirability of Old North as a place to live, jeopardizing the future of the neighborhood

The City of London has made the support of neighbourhoods a strategic priority, recognizing that strong neighborhoods form the backbone of the London community. Preserving the established neighborhood of Old North is a necessary step towards this stated goal.

 London City Council should demonstrate its commitment to the "London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy" by acting against this proposal.

We urge the LTC to repeal this proposal, which fails to consider the detrimental impacts on Old North and compromises the sustainability and safety of the neighborhood.