Re-instate now all youth services and youth service jobs that have been cut since 2010

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We the undersigned send our condolences to all the families and friends of the victims of gun and knife crime and all those affected. This must end. There are many facets to this but as the neighbour of one victim correctly said: “If they cut all the funds, what do you expect? They have cut all of it to all services.”

We cannot stand by silently while our young people are suffering. We say reverse all the cuts to youth services, careers services, youth offending teams, sports facilities and youth clubs immediately. Re-instate the jobs, re-open the clubs, just do it now!

This is not impossible. It just needs councillors who will act on behalf of young people’s lives and safety. Councils have money. For example Waltham Forest which has demolished youth services, has unallocated general reserves of £14.6m, earmarked GF reserves of £99.6m, unallocated HRA reserves of £4.7m and capital receipts reserves of £38m. Collectively, in 2017, London’s Labour councils had £2.4bn in general fund reserves which they could pool and invest in the city’s youth services that could actually transform lives.

If they’re keeping it for a rainy day – well we’re in danger of drowning. Spend it now and fight for a Jeremy Corbyn-led government that will bail out councils and end austerity.

This is an emergency - take the action necessary now!