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Ban uber completely

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Uber needs to be banned completely not only in london around Uk as well. They are opperating everywhere without operating liscences specially around london. 

Uber 40, 0000 drivers are not losing their jobs they can easily go back to the boroughs or councils they came from as they still retain those badges. They can also work in London with different companies. If uber gets banned today their drivers can start same day with different companies so i do not know how it is affecting anyone apart from big fishes.

Uber cutting prices so much that it is making difficult to make money for those who work locally as taxi drivers. It is not only about 40,000 taxi drivers it is about rest of the taxi drivers who has been working in Uk from years and will carry on even uber exist or not. But uber has make sure that other taxi drivers either leave this profession or go on benifits. 

It is cheap for customers but unsafe as well. People who are signing pettions to save uber are only thinking about their own pockets. 

The way uber works unethical cheaky and causing so many issues. So if people want to justify this by signing pettition to save uber than we can not stop them but they should ask uber to provide all documents of their drivers. 

Please think wisely and on national level it is not only about london it is about rest of the country. 

Please vote against uber. It needs to be shut down or taxi trade in this country will become a joke and too many people will be unemployed or struggling financially.

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