#SackSadiq- Ask London Assembly to file a Motion of No Confidence in Sadiq Khan as Mayor.

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Many people voted for Sadiq Khan to be Mayor of London based on his promises on Transport, Policing, Housing, Fire Services, Health, Air Pollution and many other issues of serious concern.

He has failed on all issues and failed to keep promises. He played the 'son of a bus driver made good' card and people fell for it.

He seems to think it is acceptable to make false promises to get people to vote for him and then go back on his word on many issues, and to then do as he likes for his own political ego with no regard for the consequences of his failures. 

London needs a Mayor who is honest, strong and respected and who will take positive action on serious issues. After nearly 2 years Sadiq Khan does not meet the requirements and is not fit to be Mayor, as proven by his recent display in Mayors Questions 


Students witnessing his conduct described him as 'childish' which is also an attribute he displays by his constant need to take selfies. 

Instead of focusing on the serious issues affecting Londoners he is distracting himself with interventions in world politics for which he has no remit, purely for his own egotistical ambitions. He is abusing his position and ignoring the result of the EU referendum to promote his own views on Brexit.

The London Assembly should file a Motion of No Confidence and call for the Mayor to resign immediately.

London needs a strong, honest and respected Mayor to urgently take action on serious issues. #SackSadiq

There are 25 London Assembly Member of which 12 are Labour. If the 13 other Assembly Members Support this petition a Vote of No Confidence could be carried.

Sadiq Khan has broken promises on TFL Fares which have gone up, Affordable Housing, Police numbers which have gone down,Council Tax which has gone up, Strikes which have gone up, Green Energy, Trees and Environmental issues all of which there has been no effective action.

Rape is UP 18%
Theft is UP 34%
Homicide is UP 27%
Burglary is UP 19%
Gun Crime is UP 16%
Knife Crime is UP 31%
Youth Homicide UP 70%

If any of us in any job had a track record like this, failing at what we do, we would expect to be sacked, and the Mayor should be no different to the rest of us.
If we had lied on a job application or in an interview we would expect to be sacked.
The Mayor lied about what he would do as Mayor and should be sacked.
The Mayors ongoing failures will continue to have a massive negative impact on peoples lives and cause misery for thousands of people. 
He must be sacked now!




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