Call On Sadiq Khan to Resign as Mayor of London

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Under Sadiq Khan's first 2 years of his term we have seen a complete and utter failure to improve London and has in fact caused it to get much worse, all violent crimes are up, most of them by double digit figures, London has become a hotspot for acid attacks at a scale not seen outside of Bangladesh. There have been 2 terror attacks to which he passed them off as a regular occurrence instead of creating a method to tackle it. He has saw it fit to get involved in international politics when that is not what he was elected for. We have also seen a change in the already incompetent police's focus and allocation of resources from tackling these violent crime spikes to 'hate speech' which is an Orwellian measure of personal control. This new focus also means that the police can't investigate all crimes now and so many are left unsolved with their perpetrators let go. To finish it off, he has also been seen sharing stages with many Islamist hate preachers and who really wants to live in a city that has become so dangerous it has a higher homicide rate than new York under this Mayor. The signatories of this petition demand the resignation of the mayor or action on fixing the predicament we find ourselves in.