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Logan Paul gets back on YouTube

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Don’t forget that Logan is a human and he is real if you guys say you know him but you talking about him then you never will

Why don’t you guys just focus on the positives stuff that he have done 13 million subscribers is not easy to get, but he got it from bringing joy to some people, people make mistakes, I know he made a mistake what about other youtubers, What about Jake paul he made a mistake but he was forgiven , Logan didn’t know what to do he was scared like if I see a dead body for the first time in life I would be scared he was fake laughing cause he was trying to show that he is strong he is not scared. Even tho Logan posted the suicide video he is still a really good guy. All the hate needs to stop. KEEP LOGAN PAUL. This was created to not have Logan Paul's channel delete. 

Mr Paul usually posts at least one video each day, something that he referenced in his apology for the video shot in Japan. But he did not post on 3 January, in addition to the gap left by the controversial video when it was removed from the channel.

That means that the most recent video posted on his channel is an apology video, in which Mr Paul says he was sorry for posting the video and explains his decision to do so.

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