Keep my dogs together!!

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A few days ago I received a letter in the mail explaining that due to the laws of Logan you are only allowed one dog on your property whether you rent or own and if you have a second dog you have to apply for approval and pay a $275 fee that’s not refundable if they say no. If they say no you either have to give up your dog to the council or move. No other council had his outdated law and rather then go through the invasive and stressful procedure of waiting and wondering if the council will allow me to stay in the house my family and I love with our beautiful dogs who can’t bare to be apart from each other, I’ve decided to start this petition. Until I received this letter I didn’t know about this law now I do I am outraged. 

I am all for the council making sure that pet owners are responsible but dictating to us how many pets we can own is unbelievable. I believe the law should be reviewed and amended. 

Rather then needing approval to own my animal I think the law should change where pet owners should prove they deserve to keep their animal by showing that they are well feed, well exercised and happy as well as micro-chipped, vaccinated and de-sexed.