Keep Brisbanes Mini Farm open

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The people in the community have enjoyed having a local & affordable place to take children/grandchilden and other members of the public to Brisbane Mini Farm.

The local business has gone through some hurdles from the very start of business from cleaning up the farm, appeasing everyone that ‘knows better’ and just taking care of the animals on a day to day basis. It costs over $100 a day to feed the animals. 

They have done their very best to keep everyone happy and work with the local Council, however it seems the little home base businesses never win with the local councils.The council has stated that the road is too busy for their little business and the business is not suitable for the Community and need to close the doors/gates to the public.

Please get behind them and show your support for something that has been great for the community. Not only so they have an income to assist with feeding their animals but also to have such a great business in the community that is affordable and local. 

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