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Refurbishment of Freedom Park, Cabanatuan City

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Refurbishment of Freedom Park, Cabanatuan City

According to Freedom Park is a provincial park located in front of the Old Provincial Capitol of Nueva Ecija, civic spaces as well as various monuments and memorials can be found inside the park which includes a monument dedicated to General Antonio Luna who was assassinated in the nearby Cathedral of San Nicolas de Tolentino. As the name implies, “Freedom Park” is a park wherein families, collegiate friends, romantic lovers or anyone is gathered there to spend quality time, after all it is a “Park”. Some students even go there to do their things at school such as practicing for their particular practical works or etc. Some people such as a certain squad/group also go to there to have some talk about themselves, while some families also go there especially the little ones to play and enjoy the playgrounds indicated inside the park.

However, the outlook appearance of Freedom Park is not how does its name suggested “Freedom” is supposed to be. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t look good anymore for a park to be. The ones well known park in Cabanatuan City where people used to go to spend their leisure time is not how it is right now. As far as I remember when I was on my grade school years, our family used to gather there and we (together with my nephews and nieces whose age are around 4-5 years old) will go to the playgrounds to play, and I still remember how I used to play my ripstik (wave board) at the center of freedom park. Freedom Park before was properly maintained and lots and lots of people convene there to have some fun. But now, it’s way beyond different than before. To think Freedom Park is one of the attraction place that you can have a sight at Cabanatuan City and yet it’s as if it is long forlorn by its Management which is the Provincial or Local Government of Cabanatuan City. 

Sadly, that is not the only grumble of many residents of Cabanatuan City with regards to Freedom park. Freedom Park’s trademark nowadays particularly at night is infamously known as “Place of Selling Pleasures” wherein countless tramp woman or in layman’s term, “PaWalk-Girls” aimlessly wandering at night to commit licentious or promiscuous practice, which is immorally improper. We’re not saying this to exterminate the City of Cabanatuan’s heritage or reputation but we’re saying this in a manner of being a concern resident to the attraction place of Cabanatuan City. Nevertheless, we are humbly calling out for the Local Government or Provincial Government of Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija, Philippines to hear our pleas with regard to this matter. 

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