Keeping Kahuku High School Mascot

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Starting this petition as a Native American to counter the petition on changing the name and mascot of Kahuku Highschool. Please continue to read for my reasoning. 

Doing a lot of research looking deeper into the Kahuku Highschool Mascot and their name. 

In 1950, they adopted the Red Raiders nickname after receiving red uniforms from 'Iolani School given by Father Bray. Not influenced by Native People. Red Raiders was based off the colour of their uniform at the time.  Red is a part of the Royal colours and a part of history about the Hawaiian Kingdom. Red also represents Kū or (Kūkāʻilimoku) the God of War. When the Hawaiian flag is facing upside down the red is displayed up top. This displaying distress and at war. All-in-all “red” isn’t a one sided definition to only one indigenous community. A variety of cultures have deep meaning to “red.” Us as natives need to respect that unless it’s displayed as a native term, “Redskins” for example than we have a right to fight it. 

At some point they did (past tense) have a Native Mascot which was displayed for two decades. It was then changed to appear more like a Polynesian mascot. The most recent Mascot appearing a more generic Polynesian. Meaning it is Polynesian but not to a specific culture of the Polynesian people. There are multiple cultures within the Polynesian people. 


The feather is used in a variety of ways to the Polynesian people. It signifies a lot of things. They respect it just as much as the Native people. Although, the image is a red ti leaf tied in the hair. Ti leaf represents protection or good luck to ward off evil.  
The tattoo on the face is Hawaiian it could symbolize spears. Hawaiian face tattoos and designs are based off their lineage. 


The more I pick at this the more I see it signifies their own people. I feel they should have the right to keep the Mascot because the new changes and research done. This doesn’t appear racist or culture appropriation. Why are we swaying the change of a mascot that has changed to fit their own Polynesian people? Why are we still picking at their past? They changed the native appearance a decade ago.

Please help Kahuku Highschool keep their Mascot because within the Polynesian culture they have warriors, and hold a lot of significance to their people. They should be able to wear their warriors with pride just as much as Native Americans using their own warriors on their uniforms. There shouldn’t be a divide between two indigenous people’s, we’ve been taught to come as one, fight as one. Be united as native people. We have bigger issues to fight.