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Safety for Hamilton Avenue School/Chickahominy Community

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The daily reality of what occurs at Hamilton Avenue School. 

As previously mentioned, our safety issue has yet to be addressed and still no solution for our elementary school children, teachers, staff, crossing guards and for the Chickahominy community at large.

Over the past few years the PTA and the D-3 RTM has voiced concerns about this serious safety issue.

Within the past few years there have been multiple accidents within Greenwich where pedestrians have been seriously injured or died, these unfortunate accidents have also occurred near schools.  Just recently, police officers were posted at Greenwich High for similar safety concerns and citations were issued to motorists. 

We provided the town its very own safety study, focusing on the streets traveled to reach our school.  Accidents and incidents on these routes that need to be addressed as a priority.

We also provided photos and videos that illustrate the problem, just as we have done here again.  Melissa Evans of the Engineering Division and our police department’s Traffic Division Lt. Sluszar all encouraged walking our children to and from school to decrease traffic congestion.  We would not consider this a viable solution.  While some parents can do this, many others have schedules to retain employment.     

The issue is isolated during 8:00-8:20 am drop off and 2:30-2:55pm pick up Monday-Friday.  

While a small percentage of parents use careless judgement, more times than not, motorist unfamiliar with the area are the bigger issue.  Many of these motorists tend to be in a rush and speed like they are at the Indy 500 track, while others gab on cellular phones, and then there are those who are just too impatient to wait in line while a parent attempts to enter the school parking lot.  Everyday motorists are neglectfully maneuvering around the car in front of them, cutting over the double yellow lines into the opposite lane with oncoming traffic coming at them head on.  Once the first car does this, it causes a chain reaction.  There are the private commercial, town vehicles, police cars, garbage, UPS, Fed-Ex delivery and flatbed trucks that further compound the issue.  Without a new drop off /pick up pattern and until there is police enforcement, this dangerous situation will remain business as usual.  We beg you to help before someone else is hurt or injured or dead.  We have previously mentioned that John and Alex our crossing guards have had some close calls and that John had his foot run over not long ago.           

These are children of the Greenwich community.  As parents their safety should be held paramount.  We are again urging the town to protect our children and allot them and our community safety when crossing these busy intersections.  A police presence can raise awareness, have a positive impact, and curtail motorists from carelessness.  We ask for you to initiate a Safe Route to School Plan district wide as Cos Cob School continues to be a safety issue and review other schools.  We take notice of the officers highly visible at private schools.  The point is we love our children, we are not willing participants of them or anyone else in the community playing chicken to get across the street.  School zone safety should be mandatory when the lives of the most vulnerable are at stake. 


The Undersigned.

HAS PTA Parents /Chickahominy Community          

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