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Increase # of dog parks and off-leash areas in Mission to meet community needs.

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Findings indicate Mission is currently 8.75 dog parks/off leash areas deficient for a community our size (compared to Vernon, Penticton, Port Moody, West Vancouver).

As per the District of Mission website, Mission has 1 official dog/off leash location @ the North end of Centennial Park, which most users have deemed to be an incredible hazard and poor design. On the outskirts of our community, where there is limited population density we also have a hydro maintained dog park on the west side of Hayward lake. 

The District of Mission issues approximately 6,000 dog licenses per year. Every dog in our community is not licensed, according to Mission animal control they believe approximately 8500 dogs reside in Mission and 40% of all homes in our community contains a dog.

There are many positive benefits associated with communities being dog friendly. By providing properly designed dog parks/adequate off leash areas not only is there economic gain, but increased level of resident satisfaction,  and a decrease in dog related bylaw complaints.

97% of residents who responded to a poll determined that the District of Mission does not provide enough official spaces for them to take their dogs. In a separate poll 89% of residents believed that Centennial Dog park was either not safe, a poor design and they do not take their dogs there for various reasons.

Other benefits are:
-Prevents off-leash dogs from disturbing other park users and park neighbors, such as joggers, cyclists, small children, and those who may be fearful of dogs.
-Provides a way for the elderly, sick, and disabled dog owners to exercise their pets. For many dog owners, a dog park may provide the only opportunity for them to socialize with other people and their dogs.
-Reduces bylaw complaints and makes a dog a better pet and neighbor. An exercised and well socialized dog is less likely to bark excessively, destroy property, or become aggressive.
-Provides a way for dog owners living in apartments, homes with small yards to legally play ball or Frisbee with their dogs or just let them roll in the grass!
-With extra sets of eyes on the community out using parks/off-leash spaces, reduces crime and vandalism in the area.
-Creates a greater sense of community by bringing people of all ages and from all walks of life together with a common interest.
-For many people, visiting a dog park is a primary source of recreation. The ability to share activities with canine family members at a dog park is important and increasingly recognized by cities.
-Communities branded as “doggie destinations” are proving to increase the amount of visitors.
-Added value to a community, more attractive to many buyers/investors.

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