Upgrade the rocky/concrete unsafe and boat damaging Wellington Point boat ramp NOW

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The Wellington Point boat ramp is an all concrete and rock boat ramp at Wellington Point. It has no protection from the wind whatsoever as it is all exposed. Additionally, the area is all shallow and surrounded by rock. The MAIN CHANNEL also needs dredging, as it is unacceptably shallow and rocky. We have no pontoon or beach/sand next to the ramp, so launching/retrieving boats via the ramp can be difficult, dangerous, and causes damage to our boats. Launching a fibreglass boat at Wellington point with anything less than a half tide would be just asking for trouble... It’s bad enough trying to launch the tinny. We spend so much money on registration and fees, yet we see very little return. Supposedly, the Redlands has one of the highest percentage of boat ownerships in QLD. So why aren’t we being looked after? Please sign and share, and let’s hope the Redland’s City Council and State Members for Govnment react to our voices.