A Dog Protecting His Home & Family

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On the night of February 23rd 2019, A rear neighbor was hosting a party on male road caboolture, Queensland.

An individual had placed their right hand over my 6ft fence.

My dog (lucifier) saw this as a danger and as a result bit the individual causing a wound on their finger which required MINOR medical treatment, as stated on council notice. 

As a result council has determined that this was reasonable enough to say my dog has seriously attacked a person, and deemed it appropriate to declare my dog a "regulated dangerous dog in the interest of the public."

Now i have two young children ages 4 & 7. Never has he been a threat to myself, my children or anyone i have welcomed into my home for that matter. He was even generously affectionate to the council who came to inspect my "dangerous dog".

And just to add he is on a 2 meter lead approx 7hr a day to ensure while i am not home he cannot escape or cause harm.

Now i have had enough. I am creating this petition to show council that people have had enough.

If someone comes into their yard or places any body part into their yard and is perceived as a threat. Then the occupants dog should be allowed to protect and defend its owner and home.

STOP declaring beautiful, caring dogs dangerous for protecting their home from uninvited trespassers.