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Malcolm Turnbull resign as Prime Minister

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Dear Parliament,

Malcolm, you and your henchmen poisoned the well.

Prime Minister, Minister`s and the backbench the people of Australia put you on notice that the LNP have lost the trust of the people. 

As Prime Minister of our beautiful country; it looks to me; that if you have one ounce of decency and truly love Australia and it`s people you will do the only honourable thing left and resign your tenure as Prime Minister.

Today I call upon you to be frank, forthright and realistic in addressing the crisis the Liberal Party and the National`s face. The up until now silent majority of Australians have had enough. With One Nation making huge inroads to the LNP voter base, Brexit, Trump and Cory Bernardi splitting and forming a new party the Australian Conservatives. Your LNP voters have other options if you will not listen to them.

It has disgusted most conservative voters in Australia that the LNP lowered itself to Labor`s level of back stabbing and ousting a duly elected Prime Minister. Love or loath Tony Abbott he was our elected Prime Minister. This action was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the public eye. You will lose the next election

 I am flabbergasted that you; Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP thought the Australian public would forgive this action; without dire electoral consequences. It seems to me that by trying to save your jobs during Prime Minister Abbotts reign amid falling polls; the parties grasped at straws. Look at the polls now.

Prime Minister, Minister`s and the back bench the people of Australia put you on notice that the LNP have lost the trust of the people.  Ministers and backbenches have a hard look i.e. In other words, don`t let being loyal to the status quo kill off your political future. Show some intestinal fortitude and admit this to yourself; otherwise the people of Australia will vote you all out.

Australians will no longer support an LNP that has allowed itself through your leadership to become Labor Lite. Malcolm resign in the best interest of the LNP.

Regards Mary Tozer

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