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This petition is to gain community support to encourage our local government to change their policy regarding stray and feral cats in the Liverpool Council area. The stray cat population is growing at a rapid rate, with an abundant amount of homeless kittens and adult cats being handed to local rescue groups and veterinary clinics because the local shelter refuses to accept stray/lost cats.

When a cat has been abandoned, dumped or becomes lost, the responsibility of that cat then falls on the doorstep it turns up on. Local council refuses to take responsibility and accept cats into their shelter so that their owners may find them or they may be re-homed. It is unfair for the members of the community, local vets and rescue groups to be solely left with the financial and emotional burden of the many stray cats in the area. Members of the community area paying a high amount in rates for council to provide these services.

Not only are roaming cats spreading disease amongst each other (with Liverpool City Council area having a high rate of cats infected with feline aids), they are a danger to themselves and road uses with many being hit by cars on a daily basis and also a danger to our native wildlife. 

If you would like to pursue change in Liverpool, please sign the petition and comment with your view/experiences of stray cats in the area. 

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