Justice for Milo

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This is Milo

This is not just a dog, this is our friend, our companion and part of our family! 

Before a savage attack in the Anfield area, Milo was a happy, content and a pleasure to be around. 

However after the violent assault on him he was a scared and timid shadow of himself. 

Milo was being walked by his owner to one of his favourite retreats, his Nanna's! As his usual route he would walk no longer than 3 minutes to reach his destination. During his walk a Pitbull cross lunged and savagely attacked Milo. 

The vicious animal was also on a lead held by his owner, the sheer power of the dog was too strong and uncontrollable, the other owner let go of the lead! 

Milo didn't stand a chance!

The Pitbull Cross would not let go of Milo, puncturing and wounding him!

The owner of the Cross did not help and didn't separate them, she had no control of her own dog! Milo's owner managed to free him from the jaws of this vicious animal not without sustaining injuries herself! 

The injuries were horrific, but not so much the physical but the mental injuries of this attacked. The trauma this caused to Milo is indescribable! So much so that later on that week Milo unfortunately passed away from what we believe were the effects of his injuries. 

His golden heart could not take no more! The stress of the attack clung to him and destroyed him! 

He leaves behind a loving family, friends, fur-friends who love him very dearly! 

We have set this petition up to bring awareness and seek justice for a defenceless loving dog who was not given the fair chance he deserved! 

The attacking dog in question is able to live, walk freely and attack freely, is this right? 

An aggressive dog with an owner who can not control him, is this right? Will this be your dog next? 

We ask you to sign this petition to be able to raise it with our Local MP to gain justice for Milo and make our streets safer knowing aggressive animals will not attack our four legged loved ones! 

We WILL get justice for Milo!!