Remove Hippie Sabotage from 2018 Roo Lineup

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2016 What the Festival in Portland, Hippie Sabotage disrespected themselves, the fans, stage production, and security.  Their vibes are not welcome at Bonnaroo.

"Hippie sabotage goes on stage telling the audience that “we are playing a hard set and if you dont like it, fuck you, go talk shit on facebook” people get weirded out and then HS continues to say “or stand there and be fucking weirdos” so sound guy comes up and tells him to chill out and to not mishandle the microphone, HS proceeds to talk shit more to the crowd and soundguy on the mic. soundguy mutes mic. HS throws a fit and tosses mics to the crowd. 3 of them. Soundguy tries to go on stage and gets stopped by the TM and shoved back by HS. Event organizer comes to tell them to chill. they say “fuck you”. event organizers ask security to remove them from stage and then this happened….."

"they get boo’d off stage and i told them “thats some loser shit” they try try to come fight me. security holds him back and he yells. “when you have 200k plays on soundcloud come talk to me” lmao. they get escorted off the festival immediately."

read more here, including how they handled the aftermath (hint: just as poorly):



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