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Lithgow Cat B straight pull bolt action bullpup rifle


With the introduction of locally made modern sporting firearms such as the Covenanter Arms PR-22 and Warwick WFA1 to the Australian market recently its becoming obvious that there is a growing interest for these types of rifles. In the past sporting shooters have had access to the current Australian service rifles of the time or accurised sporting versions there of. The No1mk3 Lee Enfield was and still is popular with Australian shooters both in it's original and sporterised versions and Lithgow had also produced a straight pull version of the L1A1 slr specifically for precision target shooters in years gone by. We think that a straight pull, bolt action, Category B rifle with an external design similar to Australia's new service rifle the F90 would be a well accepted addition to the Australian firearm market that we would be proud to own and we would like to see it produced in Australia by Lithgow Arms.

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