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Keep RMIT's old timetable system... stop the switch to the new, unfair preferential system

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I wish to alert all students on the proposed effect of switching from a first in system to a preferential system, this change will negatively affect students from those who financially depend on their job to support themselves, regional and rural students, students with a child who can only afford limited daycare and students who are carers for sick family and friends, but most importantly the average student who will be more likely to be handed a worse class allocation under this "Equitable" preferential system.

Students formerly from Monash or Deakin who have had experience on the preferential system have said to me that the preferential system makes students worse off, ensures that "They plan so much for the timetables, only to have STAR (The system) randomise it all, so you effectively spend the next week trying to find spare vacancies" 

Is this the kind of system you want RMIT ladies and gentlemen, a system that puts unnecessary stress on hard working; battling students who are just trying to make a financial living off their jobs while studying? A system that forces students to spend wasted time attempting to substitute allocated classes they never wanted for a time that they can fit in. A system that culls diversity at our amazing university by putting pressure on the students that need a working timetable system the most.

For those that say our current system is the problem, this system actually caters fairly well to the large majority of students, provides support and flexibility for the hardest working students in our university and is widely liked by students.

Why is RMIT intent on changing a system that is working for the vast majority of students, this is just another example of our university not leading by the values they are built on, the student experience is supposed to be key to RMIT, it is built around us, yet RMIT and RUSU want to implement a system that is against many students wishes.

If the system is changed, many students would suffer as being forced to drop work shifts for compulsory classes would mean many students would be struggling to pay the bills. To have a class allocation that students cannot control fully would likely mean that they would either switch to another institution, be forced to drop out from university or attend timetabled classes that they are not allocated to, therefore overcrowding popular classes, is this what you want our beautiful university to come to?

If you agree with us please sign this petition in showing your support to RMIT and RUSU that a preferential system is not right, nor is it the preferential choice of many students.

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