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1 Million+ Lives Put At Risk!

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Jan 23, 2018 — Wilko's have informed the public, that since this deadly product has been on-sale, over 1 Million packs of this bedding has been sold! When I heard this, my heart sank, here's why;

"I urge people to put a small amount of this bedding into their mouth. Just a tiny bit. Then remove it. You will find that the fabric sticks to the sides, and this is no different with an animal. Hamsters love to put bedding into their pouches. Not all do, but certainly some. Imagine the size of our mouth and throat compared to theirs? It will have the same effect, but in a smaller space with no hands to reach in and pull it out.

Wilko's have put over 1 Million lives at risk, and probably killing numbers in the high thousands. When your Hamster dies, you don't normally take it to the vet for an autopsy, nor do you inspect the inside of its mouth. How are you going to tell that this product caused the death? Lets also remember these animals are awake at night, meaning the owners will be sleeping when they are active and putting this product into their mouth. By the time the person wakes up, the animal will have spent hours in pain and sadly passed.

Wilko's continues to lie and tell people that the product has not received any complaints, but whistle-blowers inform me that this issues has been raised internally before. Wilko's have not yet commented on this.

Wilko's, please stop the sale of this product. I'm not going away. I want to do what's best for the millions more animals you are going to be putting at risk. I want to help you make changes to sell a safer product. It's time that you made change for the better.

- Ciaran "

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