Black History in School Curriculum (not just black history month)

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Black History. Where do i even begin? One of the main reasons for racial injustice is due to lack of knowledge. Think about it, if one knew more about black history (slavery, Malcom x, Rosa Parks) don't you think they would be more considerate about what they say or don't say. Learning the deep roots behind the black race will help many to understand why or why not to say or do things without black students having the responsibility to explain things to them. Due to this, I believe many kids should start learning about black history much younger, it will stick with them and who knows? this could help a lot with black injustice and racism. After all, The Hate you give Little Infants f's Everybody- Tupac. Knowledge learnt and actions seen as a young infant will be engraved in their minds. Why don't we start them young? Teach them the knowledge sooner rather than later. I want to start a petition to teach black history in the curriculum earlier, and to teach it during other times, not only black history month. It will benefit many. Will you join me?