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Remove Raja Koduri from the head of RTG!

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After the vast disappointment RX Vega has turned out to be it is obvious Raja Kuduri needs to be removed from the head of RTG. A few minor changes to the architecture like having 8 Geometry engines instead of 4(which has been the same number since the 4 year old Hawaii architecture and has been a bottleneck even back than) Vega could have performed far better in gaming. No one would have cared even if it consumed 500W if it beat the Titan Xp but currently it's competing with a GTX 1080,a card that released in 2016 May. Gamers are disheartened and disappointed. The entire Vega launch has been a PR catastrophe for AMD. Since Raja came to Radeon the gpus have been falling behind Nvidia more and more each year. He even went as far as to blatantly lie on stage stating AMD has crushed the competition with RX Vega. He has no place in charge of RTG and has lost all credibility. Time to replace him with a competent leader.

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