Improve mental health services in wigan

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Too often the mental health services in our area have failed adults. It is appalling to think that everyday vulnerable adults are being turned away when begging for help. To be admitted to hospital and quickly being told 'just distract yourself you'll be fine' and sent home.
I understand that there have been major cuts to these services over the last few year, but frankly it is unacceptable. There should not be a price on someone's mental health. Mental health should have the same level of care as physical health.
Why is there more support in place for children suffering from mental health? Children have support in place following hospital admitions but adult services are unsatisfactory. There may be promises that they will recieve support from certain services but they quickly fall through. I am disgusted by the horror stories i have heard from people in the system. I have witnessed first hand the lack of care provided for adults suffering from ill mental health. This needs to change and it needs to change fast. I will no longer sit back and watch this happen.
I want to see huge changes in the way adult patients are treated and supported. All services should liase with eachother to provide the best care possible. At the moment communication is lacking between services leaving the patient without support. If emergency services are needed then there needs to be some follow up support in place for when they return home. Most services work within the hours of 9am and 5pm but mental health doesn't go away at 5pm we need more accessible after hours support. I want to see more care from staff too, they may have the training required for their position but empathy and respect is no where to be found. Its time to change.