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Legalize marijuana usage in vehicles with partitions in Alaska

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Recreational marijuana usage was legalized in Alaska in 2015. Since then, Alaska's marijuana industry has rapidly developed as dispensaries, head shops and tour businesses have been opening around the state. 

To the industry's demise, currently it is only legal to use marijuana on private property (State of Alaska, 2015). It is illegal to use marijuana in any public spaces or within public view; this extends to marijuana usage in parks, businesses, vehicles, etc. 

Alaskan residents and visitors alike are looking for greater freedoms when it comes to marijuana usage. People are craving the opportunity to use marijuana outside of their private residences and in fun, out of the box settings. 

If there were fun, welcoming settings for people to gather to consume cannabis in, residents and visitors would enjoy greater freedoms, support emerging small businesses, and ultimately contribute to a wealthier Alaska (Borchardt, 2017).

For these reasons, I am petitioning to legalize marijuana usage in mobile businesses that wish to seek permitting for it. 

By mobile businesses, I am referring to private vehicle charters, such as limousine, tour vehicle and party bus services, looking to cater to marijuana users. 

Because marijuana does have intoxicating effects, people who use marijuana while driving, or drivers who are subject to second hand marijuana smoke, can be charged with a DUI. To keep drivers safe and allow for marijuana usage within mobile businesses, a wall or partition would have to be installed to separate the driver from those who are consuming. 

The state of Colorado passed legislation legalizing cannabis usage in the rear portion of a limousine or party bus if the driver is blocked from second hand smoke (State of Colorado, 2017). This adjustment to marijuana laws has resulted in tremendous growth for Colorado's cannabis tour industry! There are now dozens of marijuana tours that offer a fun, safe way for people to consume cannabis within the comfort of a limousine or tour vehicle.

Residents and visitors crave these opportunities for Alaska! Your signature will help make this outstanding prospect a reality. Please share! 


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