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Keep Victoria’s Japanese Cherry trees

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While everyone recognizes the need for their place of stewardship over the planet and the scarce resources that come with it, it cannot be said that all decisions validate actions towards this responsibility. Removing Victoria’s Japanese Cherry Blossoms are not a logical step in managing and stewarding these assets. From an ecological perspective, they are embedded in the nature, soil and plant network based on their age and maturity. We have many fine (and some protected) examples of natural plants such as Garry Oak, Arbutus and a range of fir trees that flourish in our neighbourhoods. From an economic perspective, the loss of Victoria’s cherished Japanese blossoms would be a loss of the identity of our affinity of the beauty of our natural surroundings, where these trees have been flourishing for decades. 

There is no reason that justifies taking down these ecologically important and beautiful example of why millions of travellers from around the world support our economy and people.