Dog Park in Fernwood

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Having a neighbourhood dog park is invaluable for building a sense of community. It is one of the only occasions where people with nothing in common except the fact that they have a dog can gather and chat as their dogs play. It makes our community friendlier and draws us together. 

For many years the field behind Vic High has served as an unofficial dog park. Recently the school administration and City’s animal control have adopted a more restrictive attitude. This is understandable! Even if all of the dog owners were of the utmost responsibility and vigilance, given the sheer volume of dogs that use the space every day the odd poop may go unpicked. It’s bound to happen and it just takes one of those suckers to ruin some poor kid’s day. I am amazed that the school has been so accommodating for so long, and am sympathetic for the need for the kids to have a poop free sports field.

The problem is that we don’t have another place to go. The field behind Vic High is awesome. It is completely fenced in, bordered only by sleepy dead end streets and big enough for dogs to run around freely. The park over at Bay and Walnut is the next closest off-leash option for Fernwood folk and their furry friends. It is less awesome. It is smaller, not completely fenced in, borders a busy street and playground and has time-restrictions for when it can be used. It is also further from down town, and as the density of Victoria’s populations of humans and dogs increases, there will be a growing need for dog parks closer to the city core.

There is a simple solution--fence in the field behind the Fernwood Community centre and make it an off leash dog park!