Raise CDAC reimbursement rates in Iowa to acquire and keep staff.

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Currently the MCOs in Iowa are telling us we must use state caps that were set many years ago for CDAC through CCO. This program was set up for “consumer choice” on how their money is spent to achieve greater independence. CDAC are very personal cares, such as showers, which require adequate staff to keep clients safe. Currently on many waivers it is between $2.70 per 15 minute unit to $3. While other services such as house keeping start at $3.09 per unit. This makes no sense that someone can earn more to clean a house than to help with personal cares to keep a person healthy and active in the community. I believe the CDAC rates should be comparable to SCL or repite which is $5.30 per 15 minute unit. Please share if you are a client, a CDAC provider with CCO, or any other representative.