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Please Make Ender's Game Movie Sequel: Ender's Shadow

When I saw Ender's Game last year in theatres it touched me unlike any other movie I saw that past year. Ender was a boy who had the resposibility of the planet on his shoulders and how he went about facing the challenges before him and those who followed him made for a wonderful film. It got positive reviews from both movie goers and critics and I was sure this movie deserved a sequel. Alas due to lower than expected ticket sales and aged out actors/actreses it is being said that the sequel is dead.

But I refuse to accept that. More so may Ender Games fans want a sequel. Te Ender's Game movie wasn't a bust for the fans who enoyed it. Also the boycotts and bad publicity over the author's belief clouded potential movie goers. But with first movie out of the way at least people know it is a good movie despite that. Even the movie City of Bones that was panned and under performed is having it's sequel script redone and plans are there for the sequel. Partly because of fans and a honest confession of aiming at the wrong fan base first time around.

I truly think what is needed is a re-evauation of the series and  decision on the cast and script. Also that there is grassroots promotion which helped Veronica Mars fans make the 2014 film happen. Plus a Kickstarter campaign can allow fans to help contribute to the movie as well and spread the word to attract new blood. The budget could also aim to be under 90 million to help push it through if finances are an issue.

This movie can still happen and there are so few sci-fi movies starring male teen proagonists right now. The cinema is over saturted with female starring dystopias that I'm sure that this sequel can attract both males and females of the teen and adult set. Also males need just as much on screen role models as females and Ender is the perfect role model for teen boys. So please recosider not making this sequel.

If you want this movie to have a sequel pleae sign this petition. Fans, we have to take action.

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