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Let Tris Live in the last Divergent movie (Allegiant Part 2)

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Tris should live at the end of the last Divergent movie (Allegiant Part 2). Tris and Tobias deserve to succeed and be together at the end of it all. If the directors change the ending, they can regain most of the lost and disappointed fans. If Tris dies, it would feel her parents sacrificed themselves to save her for nothing. Give Tris and Tobias the ending they really deserve.

I don't agree with Veronica Roth's decision to kill Tris by a mere bullet wound at the end of the Divergent series, I feel that Tris represents hope, and in a dystopian novel there's nothing more important than hope. The hero's journey represents the journey of our own lives. The hero's victory is our victory, and when the hero dies, it feels as if we've died too. And its horrible to trash the hope carried by a symbol like Tris into the ground, and along with it, our hope and our love for her and everything she represents.

Stephanie Ziel has penned an alternate ending and epilogue. Most of the events match the book, with the exception that Tris survives the bullet-wound but suffers complete memory-loss. Most of the characters feel the same way as they do in the book, including Four who almost resets himself since he knows Tris will never be the same again, only to be stopped by Christina. Tris eventually recovers and recollectl everything after a kiss with Four. They live happily ever after. This is the ending I want. Read the alternate ending at Stephanie's blog or at a fansite (a more readable version).

I am petitioning Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate and the script writers of Allegiant Part 2, to take inspiration from the wonderful alternate ending authored by Stephanie Ziel and Let Tris Live!

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