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Treat more carefully controversial changes from Lennart Poettering

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A lot of software from Lennart Poettering tries to do drastic changes to the way Linux systems work, which is not a bad thing, but as the painful switch to PulseAudio shows; drastic changes often introduce many unforeseen issues, plus, the new solutions might be missing features some people rely on, and find they are missing only after the changes have already been shipped by their distro of choice.

These changes should be introduced *slowly*, and even better *optionally*, so that people can easily switch to the old, solid, and well-tested solutions if they need to, and in fact, they should never be enforced on users. Ubuntu users nowadays still disable pulseaudio (although it's not straightforward), and Fedora users might want traditional System V init scripts, etc.

Regardless of what this new software wants to do, the absolute most important thing a distribution should avoid is break user-experience.

There's already a similar petition, but asking Lennart to stop writing software, which not only is not going to happen, but is not desirable. He should be able to write whatever software he wants, but distributions should be more careful about introducing these types of changes.

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