Petition Closed

Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P. Is now refusing to accept approximately 90,000 litres of milk per day that the Chilliwack Cattle Sales farm is producing. 


Let's stand up to Saputo and let them know that we won't stand to see this milk wasted.

Letter to
Saputo Lino Saputo Junior
I fully believe you made a big mistake choosing not to pick up milk from . The media has stated CCS is still receiving payment for the milk. So what have you done? You've senselessly wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for what? To appease supporters? I think it's safe to say that a large portion of the petitioners don't even consume dairy products. Did you know 2 people die every minute worldwide from starvation? Yet you feel you have the right to dump precious milk? The abuse was terrible but the farm has taken the steps needed to prevent this from ever happening again.
I STRONGLY believe:
- the owners of Chilliwack Cattle had no knowledge of their workers abusing their animals
- just from an economic basis alone, Chilliwack Cattle owners would be stupid to allow abuse of their animals as it would be detrimental to production and contrary to their interests
- from what I have seen from interviews with our local press, the owners of Chilliwack Cattle don't seem to be people that would abuse animals or allow abuse of their animals by their staff
- Chilliwack Cattle has dismissed the offenders (and they will hopefully be tried and convicted of their crimes)
- Chilliwack Cattle is taking steps to install surveillance cameras in their barns (the necessity of having to do this is a sad comment on our society today)
CCS has fully cooperated with the SPCA and BCMMB
Now, I the consumer, will check labels in order to make sure I don't support you and your product until milk pick up resumes.
It's time for your boycott to end, or perhaps it's time for ours to begin.