Make Licensing Authorities take action for allowing illegal puppy farming in Lincolnshire

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Lincolnshire Trading Standards, East Lindsay District Council and the RSPCA have been informed numerous times that an illegal and unlicensed puppy farm is in operation in Thornton Le Fen, near Boston, Lincolnshire.

The puppy farm run by Cameron Dorbin Barnett, David Saint Fleming, Ronnie Hudgell and Callum Eglen buys in and breeds sick puppies which then are sold from Jessamine House Farm. Many have serious health conditions such as heart defects, Parvovirus, Giardia and other parasites, Kennel Cough, Pneumonia and are often not vaccinated or microchipped. Vet bills for owners have run into thousands of pounds.

The illegal puppy farmers sell the dogs via online classified adverts under multiple alias' and telephone numbers and give out a fake address- this alone is fraud.

BBC Watchdog ran an investigation from January - March 2018 and handed all of their evidence to the authorities in March 2018- yet NO action has been taken to close down this illegal operation. See the investigation here:

We need Lincolnshire Trading Standards, East Lindsay District Council, Lincolnshire Police and the RSPCA to not allow this illegal operation to continue. They must take immediate action to ensure this illegal farm is closed down.

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