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Allow Mini Pigs in the City!

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Hey friends!

I know it seems silly to start a petition about mini pigs when there are so many other important issues out there. But, keeping our mini pig (Piggles) in a safe environment as we consider moving back to the city is very important to us. We have had her since she was just a piglet at 10 weeks old. We have grown greatly in our knowledge of mini pigs and are even still learning about them to this day, and for that reason, we aren't able to see why she would be any hassle to the community. She is an indoor pig. She is totally house trained. You'd never know coming in our house that we have a chunky pig living there. She goes outside to do her business. She is just like your everyday dog. She's the size of an English bulldog, in fact. She may weigh a little more, but she's not bigger. She likes to eat fruits, veggies, weeds, and basically any snack she can get. She likes to sleep in her pig bed. She likes to root around in the baby toys and beg for food at dinnertime. Sometimes, she's a grump, but most times, she just wants all the attention (and food). She is our first baby- and doesn't deserve to be restricted from a perfectly suited environment where she won't bother anyone. 

I've reached out to Councilman Roy Christensen about Piggles approximately a month ago and will be making an appearance at a City Council Meeting. I sent information about minis in home environments, vet recommendations, and other facts about mini pigs. I sent pics of Piggles with my husband and I, the baby, and her being at home.

They shouldn't be considered livestock as they are not raised for food or profit, as the definition of livestock clearly states. Huge dogs are allowed, chickens are allowed, and other strange animals are allowed in the city that don't seem to bother people. Our pig won't bother anyone, so why is she considered unwelcome in this city? Omaha and other surrounding large cities allow mini pigs. Please consider signing and helping us make people more aware of how awesome mini pigs are!

Disclaimer: There are absolutely certain restrictions I would be perfectly happy to comply with in regards to minis, such as making sure they are spayed/neutered, registered, and microchipped as needed. A fenced yard should be a requirement for anyone considering a mini pig, and a licensed veterinarian that is able to take care of mini pigs should also be found prior to adding a mini pig to your life.

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