Castletroy shouldn’t suffer for the City Centre to prosper.

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Very recently, Castletroy Town Centre was denied permission to expand the shopping centre on the basis that it would hurt business in the city center.

"The council turned the proposals down, citing fears the scheme would negatively impact the city centre".

As someone who has lived in Castletroy for the past couple of years, I’m sure many would agree that suburb itself is quite a tight community, with many of us who tend to eat and shop in Castletroy for the sole sake of convenience.

Why would you travel to the city, dealing with traffic and a severe lack of parking when you can reach most of the same shops a few minutes down the road, and easily find parking? I myself, very rarely have to travel more than 10 minutes from my house to do my weekly shop, meet friends for a drink or go to work. I don’t see how a couple of more stores in Castletroy is going to stop me shopping in the city centre, when I don’t go there as it is.

That’s why it so frustrating to hear the argument that Limerick City Centre will suffer if Castletroy grows any more. Using that argument, shouldn’t UL be stopped from developing? What about the Crescent or Coonagh cross? 

What's so special about Castletroy, that means that we have to suffer while everywhere else is developed?

Let’s show the County Council that the people of Castletroy and the greater Limerick area want to see the that our suburb is as much a priority to the County Council as the city centre is.