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Re-improvement of LRT 1 and MRT 3

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We, commuters of Light Rail Transit 1 (LRT 1) and Metro Rail Transit 3 ( MRT 3), struggle for the long wait of finally reaching our destination. We have to deal with the long queue, disorganized crowd and  chaotic system. If you’ll notice there are many dilemmas that are not recognized by the authorities. We would like to request for the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) and Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC) to improve their system. They should focus on three things, first is accountability which talks about the responsibilities of the company. Second is the convenience which talks about the relations of the company to its people and lastly, safety which gives concern to the being of people.


Since they have been provided televisions for the advertisements why don’t they show the schedule of trains instead, so that the commuter would know when the arrivals of trains are. Time to time, they should show the updates for the upcoming train. It must show how far the next train would be considering how many minutes the train would arrive at the certain station. Along with this, the operator should announce it loud and clear. In addition, if there is any malfunction, they should be able fix it in less than twenty minutes because the commuters are more affected.


People on platform should be counted or numbered. How? They should put a condition in every machine to count how many passenger can go inside the station where the machine has the responsibility to stop people from coming if it has already reached its limit. There are many risks of having too many passenger inside the station. It is better if they can decide whether they will pursue to ride the train despite of the long queue or getting stuck within the station.

Moreover, there must be a railway, fence or barrier on the yellow/red platform to avoid chaos and accidents. Like for the “suicide incidents” they say, but they don’t have any proof or CCTV footage of the said “accident”

Click the link to see an example of a barrier

Furthermore, all MRT3 and LRT1 stations should have conveyors and bag scanning machines instead of checking the bags manually because only a few number of the LRT stations have such types of machines.  Lastly, if there are any skip trains, it should be announced since all the passengers think it will stop, they will rush to catch the train and push each other. It might cause accidents.


If ever there are any skip trains, they should inform the passengers if how many trains will arrive. However in LRT, they have 2-3 skip trains consecutively. Additionally, the comfort rooms must be maintained and kept cleaned at all times since its primary purpose is for public use of commuters. Faucets are broken as well as the doors. Toilet flushes are also useless. Lastly, trains should maintain the air condition. It is highly inconvenient to deal with the hot weather and the broken train air-conditioning.

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