A Petition to prevent leniency being granted to Mr Jack Costello

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The Family of Jason (Jay Jay) Dale Livesey Taylor, appeal to the general public for support to ensure that justice prevails in regards to the sentence passed for Mr Jack Costello, for the brutal and unprovoked murder of Mr Taylor, to be served in full without further chance of appeal.

On the 28th January 2018, the life of JayJay Taylor was tragically taken by Mr Jack Costello in an attack one can only describe as ‘Savage.’ Unprovoked and without any reason to attack, Mr Costello used a champagne flute to sever Mr Taylor’s jugular vein resulting in his most premature death. Jay Jay was a young family man of only 23 years who could only be described as ‘loving, kind and caring’ who had simply been enjoying a night out with friends after hearing the news he had just secured a new job.

The grief and pain the events of the 28th January 2018 had on the family of Mr Taylor is indescribable. Not only had a loving Son, Brother, Grandson, Uncle, Nephew, Boyfriend, Cousin and Friend been taken from them in the most horrific of circumstance, but they then faced the events that followed. Despite compelling and unarguable video footage and evidence, Mr Costello forced the family to endure the case being taken to trial by attempting to claim his innocence.

The further stress and anguish of a criminal trial only catapulted the pain of Mr Taylor’s loved ones to the point of breaking. No remorse whatsoever was shown by the accused Mr Costello and the only relief, however slight, came when Mr Costello was found guilty of murder and sentenced at Preston Crown Court to life imprisonment with a minimum duration of 19 years.

Given the above, it would be easy to believe the nightmare endured by the family of Jay Jay was at an end and they could now look to grieve and attempt to face each passing day in peace. This, quite frankly is not the case and they now face ever further anguish and torment as Mr Costello proceeds to appeal his sentence from every avenue available to him.

The 2 year anniversary of Jay Jay’s death, a milestone that can only be described as being engulfed in heartbreak for the family of Jay Jay, brought about ever further distress as a letter was delivered to Jay Jay’s Mother explaining that Mr Costello was appealing to the High Court to commute his sentence of murder to (we assume) manslaughter. Imagine receiving this news on the anniversary of your Son’s murder!

Needless to say Mr Costello lost this appeal. He is and will always be a Murderer!

Mr Costello now wishes to pursue a further appeal, this time to reduce his sentence.

Mr Costello, a previously convicted burglar, supplier of Class A Drugs and Arsonist with intention to endanger life has already been given, wrongly in many people’s opinion, leniency by the British Justice System. Some would say had it not been for such leniency, Mr Costello would not have been in a position where he could so readily and easily extinguish the life of an innocent young man.

We ask that you stand with the family of Jay Jay Livesey Taylor and sign this petition to ensure that Mr Costello serves his sentence in full and in a facility befitting to his crime. We ask that you assist us with stopping this monster, even from his prison cell, causing further trauma and tribulation to an already devastated, heartbroken family. We ask that you support the statement of ‘Life Means Life.’

Let’s stand together and ensure that this example of evil is not able to furnish the streets of the UK with his existence and undoubtedly bring about further pain and suffering to other innocents and their families.