Retire Ahitzi, the isolated dolphin, to a more suitable environment

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Ahtizi is an adult male dolphin who was captured in Cuba in 1999.   He is currently confined alone at the back of a Dolphinaris dolphinarium in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  He is isolated and alone and has been this way since we discovered him there in 2012.  Staff at Dolphinaris told us that Ahitzi has become dangerous too interact with the public that is why he is kept isolated.  Ahtizi is around 28 years old. He has some visual contact with a couple of other dolphins through a small window with bars but apart from that he is completely isolated.  He is in a small concrete tank with very little shade.

Dolphins are highly social animals that have very complex relationships with other members of their pods, to keep dolphins isolated can be extremely damaging to their mental wellbeing.  It is believed that some dolphins have even committed suicide due to this disposition.

We urge the head of the Environment in Mexico, Lick-Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena, to take action for Ahtizi's welfare and either discuss with us and Dolphinaris the possibility of arranging for Ahitzi to be moved to a sanctuary or investigate other possibilities for Ahtizi to be moved to a space which has more enrichment and will ensure Ahitzi lives a less agonising life for his remaining years.